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Welcome To Things To Do In Basildon

Basildon is a large town in Essex with approximately 170,000 residents. It was developed as a new town to accommodate London’s overspill population and situated only 25 miles east of London! There are plenty of things to do in Basildon that will keep you and your family occupied for sure. There’s a wide choice of restaurants, entertainment, hotels, shops and many other places to visit in the area. If you have kids then they will be spoilt for choice when picking where to go to next. There are a bundle of play centres, parks, trampoline parks, swimming pools, sports centres, amusements and much more. Check out our Kids Fun category to see more things to do with the kids.

Maybe you want to have a romantic night out and catch a movie? Well Basildon is famous for its festival leisure park which they call “Bas Vegas”. There are places to eat, they have bowling there and a huge cinema complex. Whether you’re looking for places to have some fun, somewhere to eat, somewhere to shop, or even just for a relaxing but exciting get away, you’ve definitely some to the right place, Things To Do In Basildon!

Basildon Shopping

In Basildon, you’ll be seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to finding places to shop! From your typical large shopping centres to huge markets, Basildon really does have it all. You’ll find shops like; Toy shops, clothes shops, brand named shops, gift shops, travel agents, phone shops, beauty shops and still so many more, the list is just endless! This is what makes Things To Do In Basildon so great! We have made things so convenient for our users. Of course if you’re looking to get more for your money, you can visit Basildon’s markets. The markets are bursting with bargains and have something for everyone! You really won’t be disappointed with your shopping experience here in Basildon, you’ll be guaranteed satisfactory.

Eating Out In Basildon

During your stay or visit here in Basildon, you’d think there would be some delicious places to eat, and your prediction isn’t wrong! With such a variety, from Indians, Italians, Bar and Grills and Pizzas to Café’s, Pie & Mash and many, many more! If you’re looking for a more Family traditional meal then look no further, as Basildon is filled with Pubs and well known restaurants serving your favourite dishes! When you’re wanting a more relaxed night in, the list of takeaways is endless- you’ll be spoilt for choice. Scanning through our Eating Out category on Things To Do In Basildon will have you getting hungry and excited. Then the food is oh so satisfactory when you finally get it. Basildon is the perfect place to tantalize your taste buds, having some real hidden jems that serve some fantastic food- don’t miss out!

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