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Every Child Online is an ambitious start-up charity located in Basildon. Our goal is to help close the attainment gap and support efforts to close the digital divide across the UK. Since January 2021 we have received nearly ten thousand PC and laptop donation contributions from companies and the public across the country. To date, we have donated over 2.5 million pounds worth of refurbished devices to schools and underprivileged children and young adults. We want to encourage UK businesses to consider us when deciding what to do with their outdated or surplus laptops and PCs. Hopefully, with your support, we can reach more potential donors and secure more children’s futures with the IT Full Circle movement.

PC and Laptop Donation Basildon

Lots of companies across the UK are adopting an IT Full Circle philosophy and offering PC and laptop donations to our asset management charity but there are still lots of children out there without the ability to access or use their own devices from home. This can be holding them back or allowing them to fall behind.

Every Child Online is a non-profit charity that can match the professionalism and services of any IT asset disposal company. To eliminate any security risk, we work with professional IT services partner Sunrise Technologies as a Cyber Essentials Practitioner. Sunrise is an expert in implementing system changes.
All of our free services comply with UK data security and environmental standards.

We provide:

• Free data destruction to US DoD 5220.22 standards, with a proof certificate of erasure for every hard drive or data-bearing device.

• We provide a complete audit trail with detailed reporting – our online portal gives you access to your donation’s refurbishment journey. We will even advise you which schools or organisations have benefited. Any broken or end-of-life devices will be recycled, providing the charity with an additional revenue stream. All profits go back into growing and improving our services to the community.

• We work to environmental best practices and operate a zero-landfill policy wherever possible.

• Flexible collection times.

• All our IT disposal services are WEEE Compliant.

• We are happy to receive devices already wiped or even with the hard drive removed.

Asset Management Charity

Our investment in quality and compliance is ongoing. Our goal is to encourage every UK company to consider the benefits of donating their surplus IT equipment. IT assets donated by businesses tend to be a much higher spec than schools can afford. Together, we provide schools with the ability to access software like Windows office apps, coding programs and graphic design applications, all requiring devices with good processing power.

Donating can help your business reach some of its goals related to; Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, environmental, social and governance, social impact, helping raise the standard of IT education and helping to close the attainment gap.

Help to fund our great cause by PC and laptop donation or simply by using this link to donate as much or as little money as you can – donations.

PC’s And Laptops For Schools

For anymore information about our asset management charity, simply head over to our website. To speak with one of our friendly and helpful team, just use the contact details found on this page. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Also, on this page you will find a map which shows our exact location in case you wanted to bring your donations somewhere.

Keep in touch and up to date with all of our latest news and information by following our social media pages. It’s also another easy way of getting in touch.

We hope to speak with you soon.

Laptop Donation Basildon

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