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Our Country Park Is The Perfect Place For Dog Walking Or To Take The Kids

Langdon Hills Country Park sits on a hilly ridge that extends from Dunton to Vange. Its 400 acres and has panoramic views over the Thames Estuary and across to London. Langdon Hills is a township located in the Basildon district. It is contiguous with the Basildon continuous urban area.

Langdon Hills Country Park is a lovely walk for all the family to enjoy. The car park is free and there’s always enough parking. There’s a gravel/concrete path that runs in a circuit around the park which is great for those with prams or wheelchairs. There are wide open spaces for dogs to run about in and two separate fields with bits of woodland to explore too. There are also picnic benches and a wonderful play area for kids. Horses are kept in a field that runs alongside the path at one point. The park is beautiful year round and you won’t get muddy in winter if you stick to the path. There’s usually an ice cream truck in the car park and there are also toilets.

Enjoy A Picnic Or The Playground

In the spring a huge abundance of beautiful flowers spread across the forest floor perfect for flower and plant lovers alike. Squirrels, foxes and many birds are always around which is great for young children and keen photographers.

Views of the London skyline can also be seen from certain view points, so you can see The Shard and Canary Wharf without even leaving Essex.

During the summer months there are many events for everyone to enjoy from bouncy castles to nature watching.

Please come and visit this beautiful woodland and remember to pick up your litter for the safety of the wildlife and pleasure for others.

Check out Healthy life Essex, website and social media for updates on the park and events, created by two very dedicated people Mike & Jill.

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